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    Name: Mrs. Overall
    Email: dianna.overall@slps.org
    Room Number(s): 111
    Building Phone: 771-2539
    Greetings Parents, Coworkers, and Friends,
    Hope all is well as can be expected through all that is going on. Please scroll down near bottom of the page for extra information concerning learning activities and information from SLPS.
    Teacher Message: Welcome to the wonderful world of preschool. This is a place where learning is fun and exciting. This is a very critical age group to teach because we are building a foundation for a lifetime of learning. When children are given a strong foundation in preschool their chances of  doing well throughout their school years soar above average.
    My name is Dianna Overall. I have been teaching at Hodgen College Bound Elementary since 2004. I have been teaching preschool about 20 years and it has been a very rewarding experience. I have a bachelors degree in earlychildhood education from the University of Missouri.I also  have a degree in elementary education which certifies  me to teach Kindergarten through eight grade. I have a masters degree in curriculum and design which has given me a clearer understanding of how curriculum programs are developed.I received the Teacher of the Year Award  in 2007. I also received the Pettus Foundation Award of Excellence in 2008. I enjoy working with children and believe everychild is special. I believe in meeting a child where he or she is and working with  them to achieve their full potential of learning. I realize that children develop and move at different paces, therefore differential instruction is important. I strive to create a caring, safe, and engaging learning environment which encourages students to believe in themselves and do their personal best.
    Below are some links to websites that you can use to help your child with online learning during this tough time.
    Note: The Academic team has created enrichment packets to encourage continuous learning among students of all grade levels. These packets are available at meal distribution sites, and they are posted online at www.slps.org/keeponlearning
    SLPS has been given full, free access to Starfall.com for all Pre-K students. The ECE Office has been given a unique access code for each student. PLEASE email (Samantha.March@slps.org) or text at (314-934-5436) to obtain student access code so scholars may engage in continuos learning while at home. Parents will receive a prompt reply from a member of the ECE Team.  Thank you
    Feel free to contact me by email....dianna.overall@slps.org