• Ms. Simpson leaps across the Grand Canyon! Ms. Simpson wrestles alligators!
    Name: Rebecca Simpson
    Email: rebecca.simpson@slps.org
    Room Number(s): 127 / 128
    Introduction to Art
    Ceramics I & II / Ceramics III & IV
    Drawing & Painting I & II 
    AP Studio 2D / 3D / Drawing
    Building Phone: 314 773-0027
    Activities Sponsor:
    High School Yearbook - send pictures of school events please!
    National Art Honor Society - 9-12 meets monthly after school for service projects and fun!
    Planning meetings are 1st Wens of the month during HS lunch.  min 3.0 GPA req. inductions following Q1 report. see Ms. Simpson for info. 
    I hope everyone is staying safe, sane, and healthy during the quarentine time! Remember making art is a great quarentine activity! Many great artist got their start while recovering from illness or injury. Please feel free to send me pictures of anything you make!
    Know that your teachers are thinking of you guys and hope you are all safe and healthy!
    Teacher Message:Please visit my Donors Choose page at:
    See some of the great work we have been doing!

    Ms. Simpson loves education and has attended St. Louis CC Meramec, SIUE, Webster University, UMSL, MIZZOU, and Lindenwood.  She majored in Art Education with an emphasis in Ceramics, minored in Psychology and Philosophy.  She continued advanced studies in Gifted Education and Philosophy.  She is certified in Visual Art k-12, English Literature & Comp 9-12, and Gifted k-12. She has been teaching since 2003.
    Ms. Simpson authored the SLPS middle school Visual Art Curriculum, co-authored the high school Visual Art Curriculum, created the SLPS Visual Art A+ lessons/standards/rubrics, and was awarded Middle School Art Teacher of the Year in 2010. 
    When not enjoying her time teaching at McKinley, acting as a Girl Scout Troop Leader, or volunteering to pet kitties at Animal House Fund, Ms. Simpson lives in Tower Grove with a hoard of animals, her husband and daughter (who you may know).  She loves pink flamingos, coffee, and chocolate.   
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