Michelle & KIngston
  • Ms. Johnson

    email:  michelle.johnson5@slps.org

    phone: 314-533-0874

    Welcome!  I'm so glad you're here.

    My name is Michelle Johnson.  I have been teaching Pre-K at Stix since 2013.  I taught Pre-K in Illinois for 3 years after I earned my degree from SIUE in Early Childhood prior to teaching at Stix.  This year I’m moving into a Physical Education position!  I’m eager to collaborate with my team teacher, Wendy Huddleston, to contribute to an awesome P.E. program. This opportunity will allow me to share my passion for dance, yoga, and hula hoop, as well as, teach the importance of being physically active.

    Some of my objectives are:

    • Create a space where your child feels safe and is willing to try new things

    • Develop good sportsmanship and value others strengths

    • Build confidence and self-esteem through acquired skills

    • Teach why being active is good for their mind, body and spirit


    I look forward to a great year of moving and learning with you!


    Michelle Johnson