• Dear Students:

    I am so proud of you.You have worked hard to learn at home.Your families have helped you to be successful. Tell them, "THANK-YOU!" Please keep learning every day at home. I am leaving this page for you.There are many fun things to do and learn.Please do not spend too much time on the computer. One hour per day should be the limit. Have fun with your families.I hope to see all of you soon.

    Dear Parents:

    Thank-you for making online learning a success! It is your work with your children that has made a difference during this time of crisis. It has been a joy getting to know each of you and your families.We have learned together, through trial and error, what helps our students to be successful. This page will remain open for you and your children, to keep learning and having fun. Please help your children to take advantage of the many available activities on this page. There are games, read-aloud sites, educational and entertaining cartoons and academic activities.Please let the school district know about your online school experience: FEEDBACK

    Please monitor your children online for safety and limit screen time. 

    Remember that summer school is AUGUST 3- 14. If you did not receive confirmation for summer school, you can register your children through the slps website: www.slps.org.Summer School Registration

    Have a happy and healthy summer and keep learning every day!

    Ms. Munoz