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    Name: Laura Thomas
    Email: laura.thomas@slps.org
    Room Number(s): Gymnasium and O90
    Subject(s): Physical Education 7th, and 9th grade and Health for the 10th grade students
    Building Phone: 314-773-0027
    Office hours 1pm-3pm
    PE-T/TH and Health M/W/F
    please email or contact me on the Microsoft Team for health class

     View your students grades 24/7 on the SIS(Student Information System--Parent Portal) http://sis.slps.org/slps
     See links below for work for extended break due to novel coronavirus..health calendar(notes and questions per section) and Pe linked below.  
    I have also set up a Microsoft Team for the High School Health class and we will use that platform if you need help.  Each student in high school health classes should have received an invite to the Microsoft Team. 

    ACT has made the decision to cancel the remaining Spring 2020 testing dates in all forms.  


    If you have a technology need please complete the following survey for the district. www.slps.org/tech


    Support helpline for students/parents studentservices@slps.org or (314) 345-6900.


    Enrichment packet www.slps.org/keeponlearning


    Biography:  I have been teaching for St. Louis Public Schools since the 03-04 school year.  I have a Masters of Arts in Education.  I hold certifications in K-12 Physical Education, Health, and Gifted Education. I am married and have two young children.  I like traveling and new experience like zip lining.


     PE Syllabus

    Health Syllabus

    health calendar 4th period semester 1

    health calendar 8th period semester 1


     health calendar 4th period semester 2

    health calendar 8th period semester 2

    PE 6-12 Extended Break work for novel coronavirus all pe classes


    Ideas for Physical Activity during extended spring break:

    Create a video of a new dance

    find a push up or sit up challenge to work on daily

    create a exercise plan using the letters in your name

    take a walk after each meal

    ride a bike

    go on a scavenger hunt 

    create a new game we can play upon our return to school 

    play catch with an adult or sibling

    shoot baskets 

    *make sure you're drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated