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    Name: Marilyn Koehr
    Email: marilyn.koehr@slps.org
    Room Number(s): 225-S
    Subject(s): Career Development
    Building Phone: 314-776-3300
     First, second, fourth, sixth, seventh, and eighth hours.
    Third and Fifth hours are my plan.
    Teacher Message: I am really excited about our new school year as it starts this week. I am looking forward to meeting my new students and starting our work toward their graduation in 2023. 
    Biography: Ms Koehr is starting her tenth year as an English teacher and her seventh year at Gateway. She attended St. Louis Community College at Forest Park for her general education subjects where whe was on the Dean's List and was awarded Regents Scholarships. Ms K transferred to Harris-Stowe State University to complete her undergraduate work in Secondary Education and persue her teaching certification, graduating first in her class. From Harris, she went to U.M.S.L. for her Master's in Secondary English Education and graduated with highest honors. 
         On a more personal note, teaching is Ms Koehr's second life. She didn't start college until she was 40 years old and it took her 12 years to finish since she was a single mom working full time. Her first life was in the restaurant industry here in St. Louis, often in a supervisory role. When she knew it was time to make a change, teaching was the only real option and high school her choice of grade level. Working in restaurants meant working with teenagers much of the time, and Ms K brings her love of doing that into the classroom. 
    Career Development Syllabus

    Marilyn E. Koehr                                                                                                               marilyn.koehr@slps.org


    Freshman Career Development


    Course Description and rationale:  Career Development is designed to support freshmen in their transition to high school through activities that deliberately address the students’ emotional, social, and academic development. The Career Development teacher’s role is to be a trusted adult who is devoted to helping students adjust to the demands of high school and encouraging them toward graduation and post-secondary readiness. Students will work on being organized so they can be prepared for their academic work. Students will write, study Standard English, and do other activities that will support their EOC efforts and hone the language skills that employers are looking for. Students will participate in discussion and group work to train them in and reinforce their ability to collaborate with others.

    Text: No text exists for this class; however, students will be issued a planner to use here at Gateway. Other materials (Power Point Presentations, handouts, brochures, etc.) will be provided by me.

    Required Materials:

    • Binder with a section for this class or a notebook devoted to only this class
    • Ink pens and/or pencils

    Having these materials will be part of their participation grade.


    Student Expectations:

    1. Be in your assigned seat/area, ready to work when the bell finishes ringing.
    2. Have paper, pencils/pens, books and all needed supplies every day.
    3. Keep hands, feet, books, and objects to yourself.
    4. No profanity, rude gestures, teasing, or put downs.
    5. Follow directions of the Student Discipline Handbook and all school adults unless the request is illegal, immoral or unsafe.

    We go over these 5 Basic Gateway Rules, which are also posted by my door, the first day of class. Students do an activity in which they try to find a behavior NOT already covered. They don’t usually succeed!

    1. Students will become adjusted to the way high school works and be on their way to a successful high school career.


    Assignments: Students will be given several types of assignments including (but not limited to) Do Nows, Quick Writes, Exit Slips, Group Discussion and Projects (which are graded individually based on the students’ contribution as observed by the teacher, and others).


    Grading: Students will be graded in two categories. Daily assignments and other everyday work fall into the 40% category while projects, tests, and some quizzes will contribute to the 60% part of their grade.

    Grades for grading periods will follow the Gateway Scoring Scale below…

    A = 90-100           B = 80-89              C = 70-79              D = 60-69             F = 0-59



    Attendance and Late Work:   Students should make every effort to attend and participate in class. Attendance is closely linked with success in high school. Students should see the “What Did I Miss” binder immediately upon return from an absence to make up missing work. In college, absences are watched very closely and link with a student’s grade. In the workplace, repeated absences can result in reprimands and even loss of employment.

    Students have regular access to their grades by ID number and are responsible for checking for missing work. I do take late work, but within a regimented system. Once their 40% grades are posted, they have until their first class with me the following week, giving them approximately two weeks for these assignments. After that, I will not grade them. 60% work can be made up within the quarter they were assigned. Students will need to arrange with me for those assignments to be made up.

    Late work should be made up as quickly as possible so that the student does not fall behind in my class or any other.


    What you can expect from me: I will help my students do their jobs right up until the moment it looks like THEY are helping ME do their jobs! I will be honest and fair. I see my students as unique individuals and work very hard to teach and respond to them accordingly.