Kathy Matthews, Assistant Principal 

    Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year. My office is now located inside the Principal's office. Woerner is my school of choice and I would not want to be anywhere else.    
    My purpose as the Assistant Principal is to ensure that your child has a safe and positive learning environment. Let's work together to meet your child's academic, social and emotional needs. 
    Should you have any questions or concerns about Virtual Learning for your child, please feel free to contact me at kathy.matthews@slps.org.  Although we are in unusual times, please know that we are in this together.  Woerner is a strong community.  I am here to help you and your family navigate through this new way of learning. 
    Stay safe and be well,   
    Ms. Matthews 
                                                                 School Purpose
    • to ensure that our school is a gem in the Holly Hills community.
    • to accept all students where they are, as they are, and provide learning experiences that ensure growth.
    • to provide our students with the tools they need to be good people.
    • to provide our students with a solid knowledge of other cultures which will help them to be successful in any situation with any group of people.