• Cynthia Boone  
    Name:Cynthia Boone 
    Email:  cynthia.boone @slps.org
    Room Number(s):106
    Subject(s):Missouri Option Facilitator
    Building Phone:314-231-7738 
    • Class begins at 9:07 Monday-Friday
    • Be present daily and on time.
    • Turn in assignments according to due dates.
    • Be willing to accept an academic challenge.
    • Be responsible and respectful to others.

    Just because something is difficult doesn't mean You shouldn't try; it means: "Just try Harder"!

    In the event of any kind of school closure, please go to Teams and click on MO Option.  Follow course channels. There you will find all the lessons.  Check under files and notes for additional postings.




    Teacher Message: Welcome to Missouri Option!
    The Missouri Option Program is designed to serve students who lack the necessary credits to graduate with their class and are at risk of leaving school without a high school diploma. Any interested student must be at least 17 years old for consideration. Graduation through the Missouri Option Program is a competency based program approved by the State Board that utilizes a high school equivalency exam as mastery for graduation purposes.  In addition, students must complete Personal Finance, Health and Wellness, State and Federal Constitutions, Civics, CPR, all state and district EOC's (End of Course Assessments) and College Career Readiness Assessments.
    Cynthia Boone is a proud product of Saint Louis Public Schools, Beaumont High School, class of 1975.  My post-secondary education was continued at University of Missouri, St. Louis, majoring in Communications and receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree.  Having a passion to do more outside of communications, I was interested in Adult Education and Literacy. Therefore, I became certified to teach adult education classes with multiple certifications through Central Missouri State and Harris-Stowe State Universities.  In this capacity, I was hired as Master Teacher at various adult education locations as instructional lead. My passion for teaching expanded to other educational opportunities within the district, such as the Missouri Option.  Through the years, I am proud to have graduated many students with either a GED or MO Option High School Diploma.  In all of my academic efforts assisting young people and adults, I've been recognized on many educational platforms.  
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