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    Name:                  Frances J. Hummel 
    Email:      frances.hummel@slps.org
    Subject(s): Family & Consumer Sciences
     Room 209
    Building Phone: (314) 231-7738
    Teacher Message:
          Hello, hope all of you are staying safe and taking care of yourselves.  I am doing pretty good. I made a list of things I want to accomplish during this lock in.  Some are chores and some are for fun. I miss my students and staff. Be kind to each other. Please be safe. Hopefully we will be together soon.
          Hello and welcome to Family & Consumer Sciences (FACS) formly known as Home Economics.  Here at Innovative Concept Academy (ICA @Blewett), I teach 7th - 12th grade. This is my 10th year at ICA.
         My name is Frances Jeanne Hummel and I graduated from Southeast Missouri State University.  I have a B.S. in Secondary Education with a major in Vocational Home Economics and a Health Education certification.
         As an educator with the Saint Louis Public Schools since 1980, my association with them has been very enlightening.  I enjoy my students and co-workers.  My outlook is very positive and I enjoy being a positive influence with them.
         My philosopy on education is that every student is a gift and should be treated so.  Using respect is essential to all.  Every student deserves our best efforts.  We all need to be positive in our lives.
         My classroom is an open and friendly environment where people and feelings/beliefs are treated with respect and care.  I enjoy working with my students and learning from them.
     During this time, if you or your parents need to contact me, please email me at:
                        All emails will be answered within 24 hours.
    Microsoft teams can also be used to contact me and get assignments.
          Hours of availability:
                                           Student/ parent support:   10 am. - 12 pm. (noon)  Mon. - Fri.
                                                  6 pm. - 7 pm. Mon. - Fri.
    Please take care of yourselves and be safe.
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