Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Morris

My name is Mrs. Lorna S. Morris-Campbell. I'm currently serving as Secretary at Shenandoah Elementary School. I am a very humbled and appreciative spiritual woman who is honored to be a servant of the "Lord". I'm gratefully married to Minister Robert Campbell. I'm a mother of 10 adult kids and a grandmother of 29 lovely children. I love spending time with my family as they are my world. I received my Associated Degree in Business from Kennedy King College in Chicago, Ill in August 1997. I also received my Master in Theology, at Way of Life Seminary in 2009 and I'm currently working on my PhD in Theology. I'm a strong advocate of building and strengthening the whole body, soul and spirit. My hobbies include preaching and teaching The Word of God and helping all in need as well as dedicating my time to volunteer as Chaplin at MECC Correctional Center and Potosi Correctional Center. I also volunteer at Mary Ryder Nursing Home, as well as the American Cancer Society.