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    Room Number(s): 205
    Subject(s): ELA-English language Arts
    Building Phone: 314-652-9282
    Teacher Message:
    Ms. Wright enters each new school year as though it is her very first year teaching, but this will be thirty years in education, August 2023-2024 and the beginning of 10 years at Compton-Drew ILC Middle School as a 7th grade English Language Arts teacher. Bubbling over with excitement, nervous jitters, and a sense of privilege. The privilege of meeting new students where they are academically and socially.
    Ms. Wright's focus is on building a learning community composed of respect, responsibility, and safety known as the leading factors of PBIS-Positive-Behavior-Intervention Support. Ms. Wright believes that before the door of learning opens, students must have worked to attain the keys. The keys are in the form of showing respect for themselves and others, adhering to all rules that apply in the school and classrooms. The goals that are set in class are designed simply to equip students to become better communicators through reading, writing, listening and speaking every day; and to work towards career and college readiness, which leads to the development of becoming productive citizens. 
    Ms. Wright believes that character development stirs in a positive direction, which is essential in attaining student success;  and when education is presented in a manner that stimulates the peak  interest of students, then the learning can be maximized. 
    Ms. Wright set a standard within all classes, that the expectations set to accomplishing goals are not determined by, race, gender, socioeconomic status and ethnicity.
    Final message...she leaves you with this quote:  "With diversity, great can come from anywhere in any situation".  "Education must not simply teach work, it must teach life". 
    As a product of the St. Louis Public School, born in a middle-class neighborhood in St. Louis, Missouri. Donnamarie Wright had teaching in her bones in her early years. The ninth child of eleven children, she played school with her siblings since the early age of 5 years old, and of course, she was the (teacher).  Early education years K-12 were served in Saint Louis Public Schools. A graduate of Northwest High School, now renamed Northwest Law Academy. Ms. Wright earned a Baccalaureate Degree from Harris Stowe State College in Elementary and Middle School Education (language arts and social studies), now renamed Harris Stowe State University, a Master of Education Degree (educational administration) from the University of Missouri St. Louis.
    Present day, Ms. Wright continues learning new innovative ways to better service students with 21st century teaching. Prior to returning to Saint Louis Public School District, Ms. Wright taught in the Riverview Gardens School District, serving students and families in several postions: a role of a classroom  teacher (Elementary and Middle schools) and various administrative roles such as, District Coordinator (Social Studies- K-12), Elementary Assistant Principal-(K-5 and Middle School Assistant Principal 6-8) retiring from the district in 2014. Ms.Wright has received numerous awards for her service to students/families, staff/faculty, and the community. Ms. Wright spends her time with God, family and friends; which gives her a purpose of joy.