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    Name: Mr.Beermann
    Email:steve.beermann @slps.org
    Room Number(s):122
    Subject(s):World History, Psychology/Sociology and Personal Finance.
    Teacher Message:  Thank you for visiting my teacher website. If you have any questions at all please feel free to email me at steve.beermann@slps.org.
     Update and Important info from Mr.Beermann

    Student Having trouble \ with Microsoft Teams  

    If you are stuck on an assignment or with a technology issue, here are some support options:

    1. Check out these FAQs (link)

    2. Send me an email with your question

    3. Write a post on our Team page and tag me by typing @ and my name 

    4. Fill out this form (link) and someone will reach out to you as soon as possible.

    To log onto Outlook 365

    It would also be a good idea for students that have extra storage on their phones to download the microsoft teams app for easy access.

    First off every student has a username and password already. That is what you use to log onto a computer at Carnahan. If you have forgotten your username and password please email me at steve.beermann@slps.org

    Go to office.com- click on sign in/log in- for your username it will be the first intial of your first name and the first seven letters of your last name and the four numbers that are asscoiated with your username then also add @slps.org to your username. -Example Bob Friendly user name would bfriendl0764@slps.org.

    Your password is the exact same as the one you use to log onto a school computer.Once you are successfully logged in you should see a page like the one below

    Outlook apps

    Accessing Teams

    I have set up Microsoft teams for all of my classes already so you would have received an email link so you can click on outlook to access that or go directly to teams.

    Once in teams I will have it set up with announcements assignments etc.  If you have any problems logging on to outlook or accessing team please email me at Steve.beermann@slps.org

    Course Meetings: Always feel free to comment in teams if you have any questions about a lesson and or assignment.

    Mr.Beermann will be available via email and video link via Microsoft Team to meet with students from specific classes at the following times: (Note: These are NOT required for students to attend just available if students need one on one assistance.)

    Sociology : Tuesdays 10AM-12PM

    Personal Finance: Tuesday 12pm-2pm

    World History: (Sophomores): Wednesday-Thursday 10AM-12 PM 

    Open office: Mr. Beermann will be available to help any student with social studies(all grade levels) at the following times:  

    Monday-Friday 2 PM-3PM 

    About me: Hello, My name is Mr.Beermann I have lived in South St.Louis all my life and I attended Bishop DuBourg highschool Class of 07. After highschool I spent two years at Meramec community college and once I figured out what career I wanted to pursue I transferred to Missouri State University where I graduated with a bachelors in Seconday Ed social science.