• What is the role of the Ford Elementary Parent Advisory Council (PAC)? 
    Ford Elementary School is a Title 1 school.  All Title I schools are required to have a Title I Parent Advisory Council (PAC). The Principal of the school selects two parents to serve as chairman and co-chairman of the school's Title I PAC.  
    The role of of the Ford Elementary Advisory Council (PAC) is:

    #1. Attend The PAC meetings with the Principal once per month
    #2. Help review and confirm the Parent Involvement Policy Plan
    #3. Act as an Advocate for the Parent Involvement Program

    Ford Title 1 teachers work with the Principal and the PAC chairperson to develop a Title 1 Parent Policy for Ford Elementary School. 

    All Title 1 schools are required to hold an annual Title 1 meeting at the beginning of the school year.  This affords the parents the opportunity to learn more about Title 1 and begins a communication process between parents/teachers/school administrators.
    The Ford Elementary PAC will meet with the Principal and Family Community Specialist once per month, and assist with planning and carrying out other Title 1 programs throughout the school year.