Ms. Monica Stewart

M. Stewart
  • Greetings, Let me share with you some information about me.  I received a Bahelors of Science in Special Education in the Spring of 2016 and a Masters of Art in Education 2019 from Fontbonne University. I chose Gateway Michael School because it has been my life for over twenty years. I started my career in Education as a paraprofessional. Coming to work daily, seeing these students smile regardless to the multiple disabilities that they had to overcome, made me want to give all that I can give, so that these students could reach goals that their families and doctors believed that were not possible. It is imperative that we overlook these challenges and give these students  the quality of education that they deserve. My job as their teacher is to provide a nurturing environment that supports their learning needs and to be a resource for them and their families.

  • Room 101


    School Number: 314-241-0993