• Mr. McLaughlin
    Email: mike.mclaughlin@slps.org
    Room Number: 321
    Subjects: Algebra 150, College Algebra, Math Theories
    Covid-19 Updates:
    Students can reach their classes/Teams by using the following address: team.microsoft.com 
    Office hours: 10 am to 12 pm, Monday to Friday
    (You can still contact me via Microsoft Teams, or email me outside of office hours, and I will respond as soon as I can, definitely within 24 hours).
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    Algebra is an important life skill worth understanding well.  It prepares us for higher levels of math: Statistics, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus.  Algebra is useful for analyzing information to make better choses in everyday life.  Understanding of Algebra equates to a better quality of life.
    Biography:  Before teaching, Mr. McLaughlin has held many positions including:
    • Operations Manager for President Riverboat Casino
    • General Manager of The Funny Bone Comedy Club
    • Director of Operations for Scottrade Center (now Enterprise Center)

    Education: St Louis University High School

                     B.A. Economics, University of Missouri-St. Louis

                     B.S. Avionics Engineering, Parks College of St. Louis University

                     Missouri Teaching Certificate for Mathematics 9-12, University of Missouri-St. Louis


    When not teaching Mr. McLaughlin enjoys running, playing the guitar and singing, reading, and cooking.


     Links for my online learning classes

     Algebra 150 period 1

    Algebra 150 period 2