Kelvin Adams, Ph.D.

     Superintendent of Schools

    Isaac Pollack, Ed.D.

    Network 2 Superintendent 

    Jim Triplett, Ed. M.

    Principal, Froebel Literacy Academy                              



    Vision of Froebel OPG

    To partner with the staff of Froebel

    Create an atmosphere of total education

    Promote the development of character and academic achievement.



    Action Plans of Froebel OPG

    1.       Improving parent attendance & involvement at OPG meetings.

    2.     Identifying parent volunteers to assist in classrooms to address behavior issues.

    3.     Advertise the various resources available to families i.e. tutors and different counseling agencies.

    4.     Volunteering to provide low-cost extra-curricular activities where students can express their creativity and emotions. I.e. Girl Scouts of Eastern America, Boys Scouts and other Mentor programs.  



    OPG Co-President, David Godbout 

    OPG Vice President, Ms. Tyria Scott-Van Treece

    FCS, Mr. Von D. Smith

    Principal, Mr. Jim Triplett