Karen Evans - Reading Teacher

    I am Karen Evans, the resident reading teacher at Patrick Henry.  I began teaching 4th grade at Patrick Henry in 2008, for a two-year stint, and that stint blossomed into a 14-year career. I worked at at&t prior to teaching. I know that teaching children is more personally rewarding and interesting than meeting deadlines in the  corporate arena. 

    My goal at Patrick Henry is to inject the love of reading.  I work to increase reading levels, knowledge of sight words, letter recognition, and sounds.  

    As the school reading teacher, I have several goals:

    • Students are assessed at the beginning of each school year and grouped based on their literacy needs.
    • The small groups of students who need a more intensified focus in literacy, meet every day. For K-2nd grade, we read (at their level), and go over sight words and letters.  Individual sight words, and letters are sent home, for additional support from parents.
    • Each grade has a set of words that they need to know per grade.
    • I create a welcoming reading space for all Patrick Henry Students
    • I partner with parents, in order to get support from home. (Increases student success)

    Patrick Henry Buddy Program

    • I host a bi-weekly zoom calls in association with HOMEWORKS! volunteers. The volunteers get permission from parents, and teachers to read with students. I have a space set up for this 1-hour meeting in my reading space. (See attached) This program has increased reading levels, and makes reading enjoyable. 

    Sending Books Home

    • I make sure all students take as many books as they want home. We have school partners, that make sure we have readily available books of all levels for our kids to have all the books they want to take to read.

    Helpful Reading Information:

    Reading site online for all Patrick Henry Students: EPIC www.https://getepic.comClass Code – KXB0428

    Image File  KG - 1st Sight Words.xlsx


    My Educational background

    BA (Business) Lindenwood University - MBA - Fontbonne University - MA (Communication) Lindenwood University

    Currently pursuing MAT from Capella University


    Fun Facts

    Favorite Book: Straight Line Wonder

    Favorite Teacher: Ms. Pierce with her fun and support, and my mother, who whispered in my ear, at birth,  that I would become a teacher.  

    Favorite Weekend Activity: Audio Books, and shopping online 







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