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    Room Number(s): 308
    Subjects: All things 4th Grade 
    Teacher Message: 
    This is my third year in the elementary classroom. Before working with children this age, I taught high school and middle school music and learned the value of community involvement and student leadership. Before that, it was students to whom I served lunch and breakfast that inspired me to finish my education degree. It was students who inspired me to teach and it will always be students that I put first.
    Science teaches us that there is no such thing as cold; there is only the absence of heat. A classroom will never thrive in the absence of love. With the transformational energy of love and compassion at our beckon, and a deepening commitment to our children, there is no way we can fail.
    In service to our students,
    David Scott 
    "The opposite of poverty is not wealth; the opposite of poverty is justice."
     - Bryan Stevenson 
     Science is best done outside of the book!