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    Mr. Perotti
    James Perotti
    Email: james.perotti@slps.org 
    Room Number:
    Subject: 5th grade
    Building Phone: 352-4343


    Teacher's Message:
    I initially started enjoying reading by reading comic books at a young age. This fostered a love for reading that has now become a daily routine. I particularly enjoy reading books about teachers and their experiences.  I am currently reading Teach like Your Hair is on Fire by Raffe Esquith (which I HIGHLY recommend!).   

    Mr. Perotti is a life-long learner and an UMSL college graduate -with honors! He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Science of Education with an emphasis on Elementary Studies. Mr. Perotti has recently completed his Master’s Degree in Elementary Administration with an emphasis on ESOL studies. He has been a classroom teacher at SLPS for seven years.  He is also  a proud resident of the Buder neighborhood and an active advocate for city life. Mr. Perotti has a plethora of interests and hobbies, some include (but certainly not limited to) playing Ukulele, collecting vintage mopeds, old records, cooking, building models, hiking, film, photography, the Cardinals and skateboarding (Over his summer break he donated time and money to build the new skate park on Morganford, where he can be found shredding on the weekends!).