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    Mr. Perotti
    James Perotti
    Email: james.perotti@slps.org 
    Room Number:
    Subject: 1st grade
    Building Phone: 352-4343
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    Looking forward to an exciting new way of teaching our students in the modern world! Virtual learning can certainly never replace in-person learning, but it is possible to learn and grow utilizing the high tech tools we have until it is safe to resume in-person learning.
    HERE is the schedule for week 2   WEEK 2 Schedule

    Mr. Perotti is a life-long learner and an UMSL honors-college graduate that is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Teaching English as a Second Oral Language at Webster University. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Science of Education with an emphasis on Elementary Studies, a Master’s Degree in Elementary Administration with an emphasis on TESOL studies and just completed his Reading Specialist Certification. Mr. Perotti has been a celebrated classroom teacher at SLPS for over ten years. He has been awarded Teacher of the Year in 2015 and has a Outstanding Educator award from the Scientific American. He is also  a proud resident of the Buder neighborhood and an active advocate for city life. Mr. Perotti has a myriad of interests and hobbies, some include (but certainly not limited to) reading and research, playing stringed instruments, collecting old records, horticulture, museums, building models, hiking, film, photography, the Cardinals and golfing. 


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