I miss you all and hope you are doing well!


    Room: My Kitchen Table
    Phone Extension:  ???
    Welcome to Mr. Pieper's page.  This is where you should be looking to find information about your online assignments. The primary method for communicating will be Microsoft Teams(there is a free app) or district email.
    My goal is to put up any assignments and to post notes using Microsoft Stream using a link first thing Monday mornings. Assignments will be due on that Friday at 2pm.
    I will also have set hours each day for answering questions for each type of class I teach using Teams. We will try a few different methods and see what works best.
    Teams Office hours:
                                                 Mon-Wed-Fri                          Tues-Thur
    College Algebra-                     9-10 am                                  10-11 am
    Geometry-                             10-11 am                                11-12 noon
    Advanced Algebra(Alg2)-         11-12 noon                              9-10 am
    I will be using the times before and after to answer individual problems and to prep more materials. If you have any issues after 3pm, then send them and I will answer in the morning.
    Get these done before they are gone!!!!