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    Name: Brian Boeser
    Email: brian.boeser@slps.org
    Office Hours: A days (M,W) 7:10-8:25am, B days (T, Th) 9:50-11:05am
    Room Number: G080 
    Subject(s):  Computer Science (gr. 6 and 8), Computer Science Principles (HS), American History (gr. 9)
    About Me:
         I am a Native St. Louisan (south city), married father of two daughters (8 and 6). I graduated from Central Visual and Performing Arts high school, have my Bachelors in Education, and a Master's degree in Educational Technology, both from the University of Missouri - St. Louis. 
         This is my 22nd year teaching overall. I taught mathematics and computer skills for the first 16 years until I joined Mckinley in 2016. Since then, I've been teaching Robotic Engineering, Programming (Computer Science), and American History. I am also the high school and middle school Robotics Coach for the FIRST Inspire organization. 
         My computer science teaching philosophy is to provide students with a strong foundation in programming such that they feel comfortable continuing this interest throughout high school and/or college. My history teacher philosophy is to learn from our past in order to create informed critical thinkers, capable of improving our society. I value all students' experiences that contribute to these philosophies.
         I am a lifelong skateboarder, tennis and volleyball player. My other hobbies include playing guitar and DJ-ing (analog or digital). I am from a family of educators who taught from elementary all the way up through college.