• Here is a link for the district's reading list for the summer:


    Enjoy your summer McKinley family!

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  • Hello Parents and students,

    All of my classes have assignments posted on Microsoft Teams AND on Edmodo.

    Assignments will be posted no later than Monday and Due on the following Thursday.

    My office hours are 9-11 M-F if you need to contact me for questions. 

    Thank you for your patience,

    Mr. Boeser

    McKinley CJA/CLA

    American History / Computer Science

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  • Hello student and parents,

    Due to formatting issues and district/state protocols still being established, April 6th (next Monday) will be the official start date for American History and Computer Science. I will be posting officially on Microsoft Teams in accordance with the district guidelines and deadlines. 

    Until then I will post advance copies of weekly assignments on Edmodo where my students are used to receiving and turning in assignments. ALL classes will have assignments posted by noon tomorrow 3/31/20

    Thank you for your patience, participation, and support,

    Mr. Boeser

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    Name: Brian Boeser
    Email: brian.boeser@slps.org
    Quarantine Office Hours: 9-11am M-F
    Room Number:080 
    Subject(s): American History II (HS), Computer Science (6-8th gr.), Computer Science II (HS)
     Teacher Message (updated 3/25/20): 
    Hello to all parents and students,
    Due to COVID-19 social-distancing, Computer Science and American History classes will resume online beginning Monday, March 30th.
    ALL ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE POSTED ON EDMODO.COM AS USUAL. All Assignments will be posted weekly on Mondays by noon, and DUE by noon Thursday of same week.
    Thank you for your patience as the current medical epidemic has given us the challenge of teaching online. My three main challenges will be:
    a) to anticipate all/most problems through the direction handouts,
    b) getting assistance to students via myself or classmates,
    c) handling technical difficulties
    I can be reached through email (preferred) or through Edmodo instant message. Both are checked daily.
    Please email me with any concerns or questions.
    Mr. Boeser
    CS/AH McKinley CJA/CLA
     Biography:  I am a St. Louis native and graduate of Central Visual and Performing Arts high school (CVPA). I am also a graduate of University of Missouri at St. Louis (UMSL) with my BS in Middle Education grades 5-9 for Math and Social Studies. I hold a Master's degree in Educational Technology from UMSL as well. I began teaching in 2001 and have many years of experience teaching math, social studies, basic computer skills, and coding.