• SyllabusJanicik

    NAME: Elena Janicik
    EMAIL: elena.janicik@slps.org
    ROOM NUMBER: 417 North
    SUBJECTS: Geometry, Advanced Algebra, & Math Theories
    PHONE: 314-776-3300 ext 14090
    1st Hour: Advanced Algebra (Syllabus)
    2nd Hour: Math Theories (Syllabus)
    3rd Hour: Geometry (Syllabus)
    4th Hour: Plan
    5th Hour: Math Theories (Syllabus)
    6th Hour: Plan
    7th Hour: Geometry (Syllabus)
    8th Hour: Geometry (Syllabus)
    I obtained my Mathematics BSED from Missouri State University. I was able to graduate from college with honors in 3 years because of the following things I accomplished in high school: I scored a 33 on the ACT, I took dual-credit Spanish and Physics, and I scored a 5 on my AP Calc AB and a 4 on my AP English exams. 
    This is my 7th year working in SLPS. My first two years I spent teaching Algebra 150 and Geometry 250 and Soldan International Studies High School; this is my 5th year at Gateway STEM High School.