• Ms Boeckman
    Name: Cassandra Pinney
    Room Number: 300
    Subjects: English Department Chair, English 2, Engish 2 Double Dose, Honors English 2, and AP English Literature & Composition
    Virtual Office Hours:
    Monday, Wednesday: 9am-11am
    Tuesday, Thursday: 1pm-3pm
    Friday: 9am-10am, 1pm-2pm
    Right now, it is best to reach me by e-mail. I will often respond quickly during the school day. I will also be actively monitoring class Teams throughout the school day, and will be accessible there to students who have already joined their class. 
    Teacher Message: Hello parents and students!
    I will keep this website updated with the resources and information you need to complete our coursework. My courses are best accessed using Microsoft Suite and loggining in to your class team (as indicated in the individual "Remote Learning" tab). Students may also access assignments here and submit via e-mail to cassandra.boeckman@slps.org OR complete remote learning packets (available at all pandemic food distribution sites) and wither submit physically upon our return or via picture/scan and sent to cassandra.boeckman@slps.org.
    Please take advantage of office hours and e-mail to clarify questions, get support, and just stay connected to your Roosevelt family at this time! We are here to support you!
    Biography: Even though I grew up across the river in Belleville, IL, I've always loved St. Louis city. After graduating the Education program at McKendree University in Lebanon, IL, I moved to the St. Louis area to share my love of reading and writing with my students here at Roosevelt. My favorite writers include J.K. Rowling, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Chuck Palaniuk, and Jane Austen. The 2019-2020 school year marks my 6th year teaching at Roosevelt High School. 

    Class Expectations:

    1. Be responsible for your actions and maintain safe behavior in the classroom at all times.
    2. Be respectful of all people and materials.
    3. Be prepared to learn and grow.
    4. Be engaged—no heads down or talking out of turn and remain open to new ideas. 
    My classroom uses the standard grading scale for Roosevelt High School which is listed below:
    Grade Scale:
    90-100   A
    80-89     B
    70-79     C
    60-69     D
    0-59       F