• Congratulations on a successful year. We hope that you have a fantastic and safe summer. In the bags that were sent home with your kid is an envelope that has several activities that you can do over the summer. The kids will have access to Raz-Kids, Epic, and Lalilo over the summer with their updated levels for where they tested at the end of the year. It will help make sure that they continue their progress even over the break.
    Dont forget that the Library is also a great place for some summer fun!
    If your student is NOT attending summer school please make sure that you return all iPads, charging cables, blocks and hotspots. If it is not returned by Friday 5/28, you will be charged the following:

    iPad ($320)

    iPad Charging Cord and/or Block ($25)

    iPad Case ($25)

    Hot Spot ($89)

    Hot Spot Charging Cord and /or Block ($25)

    If you have any questions please call Ms Wilford at 314-353-1349.



    If your student is attending summer school, it starts June 7th. A bus schedule was sent home with all students. Please check your students backpack if they did not give it to you.


    Thank you for making this year a huge success!

    Mrs. Bertolett and Ms. Moore