Coach Craig - P.E.

  • Name: Tim Craig 


    Subject: Physical Education 

    Room: Gym

    Rooaarrrrrr! Welcome back Ligers! I’ve missed you all so much. I’m extremely excited to see how you’ve grown since the end of the first semester This is going to be a different year with new challenges, but together we will make the best of it. It is exciting to learn and find new ways to challenge our bodies physically in the virtual setting, but rest assure we will do it! We will continue to improve our loco motor skills, balance, body control, rhythmic abilities, and muscular strength and endurance (to name a few) during our time virtually. Everything that you need to know about our virtual classroom will be posted in your Microsoft Teams account. 

    My name is Tim Craig, I have been teaching at Lyon Academy since 2015 after earning my degree at Lindenwood University. I currently teach PE to all of the students at Lyon and has a strong devotion to ensuring that all of our students are physically fit and lead healthy lives.My mission is to not only get students active on a daily basis but to also stress the importance of lifelong fitness and nutrition through a safe, cooperative, and positive learning environment. Students in my class will have opportunities to enjoy many different types of physical activities and to learn and master new skills.