• Coyle and Michael
    Ms. Christina Coyle 
    Response to Intervention and Instruction Specialist
    Well… it all started when I was in the so called “advanced class” and I couldn’t understand an assignment. It seemed as though everyone understood but me! I asked the teacher for help and she just restated what she had previously said…”no help”. I then informed her that I still did not understand; this time she said it a little different…..”no help”. I asked a third and final time because now she thinks I’m playing and dismissed the idea that I really didn’t get it! I said to myself as I sat in my advanced English Literature class that “this is probably why so many kids drop out….not because they are lazy or don’t understand the materials being taught but the way in which they understand .” I then decided that I would be the teacher that no matter how many times it took, I would be there to make sure that they had at least some understanding and to let them know that everyone doesn’t always get it the first or 21st time. I do it for THAT student.