• miyajima

    はじめまして!・Hajimemashite!  Let me introduce myself!


    My name is Amy Troeger, or “Troeger-sensei,” and I began teaching Japanese at Dewey in fall 2015. I have a degree in Japanese Language & Literature and Education from Washington University. My student teaching in 2009 included some time at Dewey helping develop a short introductory Japanese curriculum for a portion of students, which I now have the privilege to continue as a licensed teacher.

    From 2009-2011 I taught English in Japan to elementary and junior high school students on the JET Program. I have also taught Japanese to students ages 8-18 at the language immersion summer camp Mori no Ike through Concordia Language Villages. I also spent a few years working at a Japanese company in Los Angeles, California so I can also share firsthand with my students some of the career opportunities that come from speaking another language!

    I am always thrilled to see the excitement and insights my students bring to their understanding of Japanese language and culture!