• Science Olympiad will resume in Fall 2021!  In the meantime, see below for Science Olympiad information from prior years.
    Prior School Year Competition Pictures
    Testing the Tower  Forensics
    Science Olympiad is a great after school activity, where students get together to develop their STEM skills and prepare for a huge science competition Saturday, March 4th.
    Practices are Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 2:15-4:45 pm.
    New Practice Pictures
    ryan joe girls
    grant  rileyelve
     Parker Joe Maggie ready to fly
    Practice Pictures 
    In these pictures students are designing structures and writing out building instructions, so that their partners can replicate the same exact structure without seeing it ahead of time. 
    Izzy and Audrey  Daniel Chiara?
    Congratulations to our High School team who wrapped up the season with their competition at Lindenwood University Saturday, February 20th!  We are excited to announce that Ryan Hunt and Hanzhe Huang took a 4th place ribbon in the Game On coding competition.  Way to go!
     Phaedra and Stefan  the team Ryan
    Check out our High School team building their science team skills by practicing the Write It Do It Activity.  This event requires students to write detailed instruction for how to build a structure, so their partner can duplicate the structure exactly the way the original partner build it.
    Science Olympiad Practice