Welcome to Ms. Lammert's Class

  • Letter to Parents


    The school year has ended.  It was had its challenges and its victories.  I have loved working with you and your child this year and through these tough times with online learning.  Thank you for your time and patience as we started online learning and worked through the problems.  Please have a safe and fun Summer.  I hope to see many of you next year and those that are leaving I hope you have a good year and show the world how smart your children are.


    Ms. Lammert







    Hello LEADers!!


    The school year is over and I wanted to tell you how much I loved working with you.  To those that are leaving, never forget that you are smart and intelligent.  Never let anyone tell you otherwise.  I will miss you and hope to hear from you in the future.  Reach for the stars and be everything you can be.  to Those that are staying I hope to see you in the fall.  I wish everyone a fun and safe summer.   


    Ms. Lammert