Ms. Dyna Jones

Phone: 314.241.7165


Degrees and Certifications:

BS - Education Special Education

Ms. Dyna Jones

"Education is the passport to the future, for tommorrow belongs to those that prepare for it today."  Malcom X 


  I am Dyna Jones and I serve as your special education teacher.  I have been working at Ames VPA for five years now.  I enjoy most servicing children from a variety of backgrounds.  I also love working with my adminsitrators and fellow teachers at Ames VPA.  All these different groups help me to be professionally successful each day.  Learniing about differnt cultures, ideologies and interests servs as fuel for my professional 'fire'. Since I've become a teacher, I have formed many great relationship with my students and their families.  I look foward to building even stronger relationships with my students - in particular because their efforts validate why I chose this profession.  


Ms. Jones