• Welcome to the McKinley Debate page, and thank you for your interest in policy debate. 

    Now for the bad news: I, Mrs. Rao the debate coach at McKinley for the past 4 years, cannot do both National Board Certification and coach debate. I indicated to Principal King that I would be willing to help the new coach in running practice 1 hours a week for each team, but that is all that I can afford this year. 

    I requested that there be no announcement in regard to me taking this year off until there was a replacement coach, but since the school year has already begun, and there are no volunteers, that has been sort of "blown" as students have come to me about practices and tryouts, and I have been truthful.

    So far, there has been no word as to who will be the new McKinley debate coach. SLUDL does have its schedule set for the year, so if an employee volunteers to coach the teams, then students should be able to participate. 

    As far as I am aware, Principal King is looking for a volunteer from among the staff.

    Thank you for checking with me!

    ~Mrs. Kelli Rao
    6th ELA, 8th Speech & Drama
    Cell: 314-399-8466
    McKinley Classical Junior Leadership Academy: The Ultimate Challenge

    Saint Louis Urban Debate League 2018-19

     Saint Louis Urban Debate League


    Our topic 2019-2020: 

    Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially reduce

    Direct Commercial Sales and/or

    Foreign Military Sales of arms from the United States.