• 4 Houses 1 Heart

    What is Houses?

     The easist way to explain is "Think Harry Potter."  The House System is a positive behavior system incorporated to create a more cohesive school culture that promotes positive student behavior by students working together as a team in friendly competitions.

    Houses is a determined to foster an atmosphere where students, parents, staff and community members work together to create a family environment for our learners. and staff members.


    What are the Houses?

    • The Houses each represent a character trait we want our students and staff to emulate.  

      We used the traits from the LYON Pledge and found names that meant the same thing in different languages. 

      Isibindi=Bravery, Ubunifu=Creativity, Sabedoria=Wisdom, and Amicitia=Friendship 

    Red House Black House Green House Blue House

    Photo/Design Cred: Mr. Clark - Music Teacher

    Who is in a House?

    • Everyone!  We sort every student, teacher, and staff member into a House!  This year will look a little bit different, students will be pre-sorted when parents/guardians come to pick up Student Supply Boxes.  However, we will host a proper ceremony when we can.

    How do Houses earn points?

    • Students will earn points for going above and beyond or doing things without being told, logging into their classes, and doing an overall AWESOME job!  Points will be tracked on our school-wide Class Dojo.  Points will also be awarded for school-wide events like Virtual Open House, Conferences, etc.

    Can my child change their House?

    • All House selections are final and will remain the same for the person's duration at Lyon Academy!  

    Can I buy some House or Lyon merchandise?  

    • Yes, some merchandise will be available for purchase in mid-September!


    Please contact a House Committee member for any questions you may have: