•  2019 – 2020 Incoming 6th Grade Supply List

    Each 6thgrader will be issued a planner this year. Student planners will be used to build stronger organizational skills.

     All 6thGraders are asked to come to school prepared with these three essential items for all of their classes, throughout the year.


    1. Pencils (#2)
    2. Pens – Black or Blue
    3. Loose Leaf Paper


    Integrated Science

    1 Inch Binder

    Colored Pencils

    English Language Arts (ELA)

    Washable Highlighter

    Washable Colored Markers or Pencils

    Two-Pocket Folder for Handouts

    Lined Paper (loose or spiralbound with perforations)


    Subject Notebook (1, 3, or 5 subjects)

    Folder (2 or 4 pocket)


    Social Studies

    A One Subject Notebook (to use for social studies only)

    A Two Pocket Folder


    Black ­leaded pencils with erasers only (no pens/no ink)

    Good Notebook Paper and/or small notebook

    Foreign Language

    1 inch 3 ring binder for FOREIGN LANGUAGE Tabbed dividers for binder

    1 pack of loose leaf paper per student

    Composition notebook (no spiral)

    Physical Education (PE)

    PE notebook

    PE uniform

    Athletic ­lace­ up shoes

    Deodorant (antiperspirant & deodorant)

    Washcloth & soap or baby wipes (wipes are easier/quicker)


    *Boxes of tissues are a welcomed donation for any classroom.

    *Additional classes may request additional supplies as needed.