Email: gina.evenson@slps.org
    Room Number(s): 203
    Building Phone: 314-535-3910
    Teacher Message: 
                                            Greetings 3rd Grade Families!
    Welcome to another school year! I hope you all enjoyed the summer! I am so excited to work with each one of your amazing students and the families! 
                                              Behavioral Expectations
    Our classroom will follow the Adams behavioral expectations. In order to encourage positive character growth and a respectful community, I will be using an online and mobile app called Class Dojo. Class Dojo recognizes both positive and negative behaviors for individual students. Positive behaviors include helping others, staying on task, participating, being kind and being respectful. Negative behaviors include things like bullying, disrespect, poor language choice and talking out of turn. When students meet expectations, they will receive a positive point and when they do not meet expectations, they’ll receive a warning and an opportunity to change their behavior. If students choose to continue making a choice that disrupts their learning or the learning of others, a point will be taken away. Class Dojo also allows students to share pictures and videos of their learning with you!  The best part is that you have access to all of this information instantly! The login information will be coming to you as soon as I receive your Parent Contact Form. 
    Homework packets are given out monthly and ONLY contain review of subjects taught in the classroom or some review from the previous grade level. Not every student has the same packet. In some instances, modifications will be made based on academic level and support needed. Homework should be as independent as possible. Students will have the opportunity to complete homework packets in class! Keeping the packets in the Home Folder and returning it everyday will allow your student to work on it in class. There may be daily work given to be completed at home but it consist of an extension of the classwork or a check for understanding of the materials in order to prepare themselves for the following day/week of school. Monthly packets are turned in the first Friday of each month. I will also create additional packets for families if requested. 
                                                     School Supplies
    Students will need:
    -4 Notebooks                                                 - pack of crayons and markers 
    -2 packs of wide-ruled paper                        - 2 packs of index cards(count 100)
    -6 3-prong folders 
    -2 pack of pencils 
                                                    Teacher Wish List
    Disinfectant wipes
    Hand Sanitizer
                                                        Classroom Websites
    Students can access websites at home. Students will have usernames and passwords Listed below are the websites and access codes if needed:
     IXL-  www.ixl.com
    Epic- www.epic.com Class Code- ECM-2463