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    Name: Gina Evenson
    Email: gina.evenson@slps.org
    Room Number(s): 203
    Building Phone: 314-537-4548


    Evensons 4th Grade TEAMs page

    ELA and Math (Week of 4/6)

    This week in ELA we are working on a review of how to use context clues to figure out the meaning of words you may not know.
    This week in Math we are reviewing fractions. Adding/subtracting fractions with like denominators and equivalent fractions.

     The assignments for this week are as follows:

    1. Achieve3000 articles, Freckle ELA work, EPIC! Readings- please complete these assignments online and “turn in” the assignment on teams once you have completed them.
    2. Renaissance Accelerated Math 2.0, Math Facts in a Flash, IXL Practice - please complete these assignments online and “turn in” the assignment on teams once you have completed them.
    3. Complete the Day 1 Checklist. Conference with Mrs. Evenson.

    Science and Social Studies (Week of 4/6)


    -All assignments are due by Friday, April 10th.

    -Please see my schedule for office hours.


    April 6-10

    Hello Adams 4th Graders, Parents and Caregivers!

    To my students:
    I am sure that many of you are still enjoying your time at home and find it exciting that school is closed for such a long time! I hope that a part of you misses school too, because I miss you dearly. This is a weird time, isn’t it? We are asked to stay in our homes and stay away from family and friends, while we watch the TV and see many people who are scared. I want you to know that I am just a phone call away. If you or your family need anything I am here for you. We need to take care of each other and the best thing we can do right now is stay healthy by washing our hands and staying at home. Please try your best to work on something school related for at least 3 hours a day. It is so important that you work your mind and body. I have added many online websites for you to use. I will check in with you often! I love you, hang in there, kiddos!

    To caregivers:
    I understand the frustration of suddenly needing childcare as well as providing some type of homeschooling for your students. Be kind to yourself. No one expected this and we had little time to prepare. Your job is to keep your kids happy and healthy, and you already do a great job! At this time, you are also being asked to step up your role as a teacher, and I am here to help as much as I possibly can. Please feel free to call or email with any questions or concerns. I have added many online websites for your student to use, and we will also be moving to an online learning platform where you will find assignments and other class work. Teachers are being trained on this platform and I will have information for you shortly. We are in this together. Stay safe, stay inside as much as possible, and thank you to all of you who are essential during this pandemic. You are hero’s and you deserve all of the credit for keeping our world going around. Please contact me if you need any additional resources, or view the "Meal Sites and Additional Assistance" page.

    Mrs. Evenson

    In the event of school closures, please keep an eye on our classroom homework page.

      • SLPS Academics team has created, printed and uploaded instruction support for students at every grade. Hard copies are being provided at the meal sites and have been uploaded to www.slps.org/keeponlearning.

    As always, students may log into:

    Acheive3000 https://portal.achieve3000.com/index,

    Renaissance Accelerated Math 2.0, and Math Facts in a Flash



    If you or your student need log ins or passwords for these websites, please feel free to call/text/email me.

    Our 3rd grade teacher, Miss Hogan, has worked hard to build a website that is accessable to parents. Please check back regularly, as additions are being made every day. 



    EPIC!- https://www.getepic.com/sign-in/educator
    Class Code: snp4487

    Freckle- https://www.freckle.com/
    Class Code: THMUMR

    Gizmo- https://www.explorelearning.com/
    Class Code: PBBK67

    IXL (math practice): ixl.com

     Math Focus:
     ELA Focus: