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Memories of the 2019-2020 Stanley Cup Champions!


Well we have made it to May and we are only a 9 short days away from the conclusion of this school year.
What a crazy thought and what a crazy year it was for me.

A neck injury just weeks before school started ended up costing me a disk in my neck and sidelined me for almost the whole first quarter. The start of the year would not have been possible without the assistance of Mrs. Johnson, Ms. Schade, Ms. Moll and crew. 

Oh and let's not forget about a great ride given to us by our city's beloved hockey team. Yes on June 12th, the St. Louis Blues accomplished a remarkable saga: winning The Stanley Cup. Starting the 2019 year in dead last place, the new coach summoned a 3rd string goalie for the minor league affiliate, Jordan Binnington. Well the rest is history. Remember "Gloria"? What a phenominal experience!

Another memorable time we all had was visiting the Gateway Arch! What about the Old Courthouse for the trial involving women's right to vote! That was fantastic. We had judge Calli and narrator Cate. Prosecutors dueled the defense attorneys. We had lunch inside the beautiful new Gateway Arch Museum and we cannot forget the trip to the top of the Arch, too! 

How about Mr. Sheldon with Springboard helping us learn about being innovative and creative with a purpose. We brainstormed and created inventions on those Wednesday and Fridays. That was a blast. 

Learning about economics with Junior Achievement is always fun. Next year you all get to apply for JA jobs and you will get the opportunity to work for a day at the JA in a Day 5th grade field trip. Both Sofia and Bruno really enjoyed their experiences in 5th grade.

Remember the snow/cold days in December? How about our Pajama Drive? Our class collected over 25 sets of PJ's for the Scholastic PJ Drive keeping fellow St. Louisians warm for the winter months.  

We returned in 2020 after an enjoyable winter break and made great strides in your growth.

We read many great novels this school year too. Chasing Vermeer, Esperanza Rising, Because of Winn Dixie, Woods Runner, and concluded with My Side of the Mountain.  

With these novels came some remarkable projects and activities. Esperanza's mothers yarn doll for VIP Day in the garden. We watched the movie and had our own "picnic" after reading Because of Winn Dixie. Finally, we created lovely ABC Books, Dioramas and board games to accentuate the novel Woods Runner. 

We had some big plans that we cut short by a world wide Pandemic-Coronavirus(COVID-19). Luckily, we fit Pi(e) Day in just as we left for spring break. What a wonderful time to celebrate an important number in the world of Mathematics. Last week I dedicated Pi(e) Day to all the students of classroom 208 that were not going to be able to celebrate their 10th birthday with their friends at school. 

Some of the fun we had in store for the remainder of school year 2020 was (in no particular order): Our spring music concert with Mr. Stitzel; Repeat as the #1 MAP School in Missouri; Build and lauch a model rocket built from scratch at school, go to the zoo and learn more about animal adaptations; Field Day with Dr. Narrow; 5th Grade Promotion ceremony; Dragons Under the Sun school-wide picnic; and our class talent show on the final day of school. If I forgot something, please forgive me as I wipe the tears streaming down my face because this was going to be my "Swan Song"!

A Shot out of Right Field

I announced in early February, my family was going to relocate after the school year to Duluth, Minnesota. My wife started her new job about a month before spring break and the kids and I would finish out the school year and then join her in Minnesota.

Well this pandemic-thing kinda messed up those plans for all of us and here I am up north writing this instead of living it with my school family. 

I Miss U

What can I say: I miss my students. I miss my co-worker friends. I miss the parents and families at parent pickup. And I will miss Mallinckrodt! Since my daughter and her classmates started this program in Kindergarten with Ms. Yaksic in the fall of 2010 and 3 school years later my son joined Mrs. Neupert in Pre-k, I have enjoyed watching this educational experiment flourish into an award winning "National Blue Ribbon" school in 2017 and then acknowledged by the State of Missouri as the highest scoring elementary school in the State of Missouri in 2019!

We have a beautiful facility due in large part by our super supportive PTO and the attention given by our custodial staff and facility. What a wonderful garden...and  now it has its own irrigation system to beat the Missouri summertime heat! We are on our 2nd school sign(first one went bye-bye due to a traffic accident). We have a play ground- it did not exist until 2011. A Ga-Ga ball pit was added by the help of Dr. Narrow and a generous contribution from our PTO. 

So thank you Mallinckrodt and SLPS for being a part of our family forever. 


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