• Physical Education Teacher

    Kennard students,

    I hope all of you are remaining healthy during these unusual times. Please remember to engage in physical activity daily. Address all of your fitness components by doing some stretching to address flexibility, strength training (push-ups, sit-ups and curl-ups) and doing some cardiovascular activities (running, walking, bicycling). Exercise is a great stress reliever as well as keeping the body healthy.

    Best wishes,

    Mr. Eresh 




    Physical Education-Mr. Eresh for week of 5/11/2020





    Grades Pre-k through 5

    Do some walking and stretching .

    Watch and participate in the video on Youtube: Kids’ Workout! Full 25 Minute Exercise Routine for Kids & Parents.

    Walk and stretch to end the workout.

    Welcome to Physical Education class where improving students' fitness is a priority. Student attire for class include tennis shoes, shorts or pants of any kind. No version of a dress for the girls please. 
Last Modified on May 12, 2020