• Mrs. Scott
    McKinley Classical Leadership Academy
    Instructor: Mrs. Emily Scott
    Room Number: 239
    Subject: Middle and High School Mathematics
    • Algebra 150
    • Algebra 150 Double Dose
    • 8th Grade Math
    Building Phone: (314) 773-0027
    Meetings/Plan Time:
    Periods 1 & 5 (7:10 - 8:25 am)
    Teacher Message:
     I am passionate about mathematics and gifted education. I hope to inspire McKinley's youth through my enthusiasm and excitement.
    Nelson Mandela said "Education is the most powerful weopon which you can use to change the world." I feel priveledged to take a part in preparing our youth to be educated, critical thinkers who will make our world a better place.
    The 2021-2022 school year will be Mrs. Scott's 25th year at McKinley!!!
    She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education of Mathematics from Southeast Missouri State University, and a Masters of Arts degree in Education from Maryville University, Saint Louis.
    Mrs. Scott holds a Secondary Mathematics Teaching Certificate for grades 7 through 12, and a Gifted Education Certificate for grades K - 12. She has taught everything from 8th Grade math through AP Calculus over the years at McKinley and is a former SLPS Teacher of the Year (2003).
    Mrs. Scott is a Missouri native and has 3 children who all have or are attending McKinley, a dog, and two cats. She likes to read and make quilts. 

     Welcome Video

    Please click the above link to watch a brief welcome video from Mrs. Scott.