• Gateway STEM Welcomes E-Learning beginning April 6th!

    What is E-Learning?    Students will receive their lessons via their SLPS email, teacher’s websites and other approved technology resources.

    How do I know what to do? Teachers will reach out to their students with their preferred method of instruction on Monday, April 6th.  After that, students should check that method for each teacher each day, Monday through Friday to complete the required coursework online.

    What do I need to complete the work? A device that has internet capability. i.e. laptop, chromebook, smartphone, etc.

    When are staff available? All staff will hold virtual hours from 10:00a.m. to 12:00p.m. M-F

    What if I have questions?   Using the reference sheet below, you can contact staff via email.

    For Questions About:                                                    Contact:

    A course, assignment or resource                                   The Teacher

    A technology related problem or issue          or

    A personal, academic or social-emotional concern   or

    Senior activities or senior dues                         or

    College applications, scholarships                    (Last Names A-K) (Last Names L-Z)

    For all other questions, please contact your alphabetically assigned administrator or counselor:

    Counselor Last Names A-D                                

    Assistant Principal Last Names A-F                 

     Counselor Last Names E-K                                 

     Assistant Principal Last Names G-M              

    Counselor Last Names L-R                                  

    Assistant Principal Last Names N-Z                 

    Counselor Last Names S-Z                                  



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  • vg


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    We have been notified by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the City of St. Louis Department of Health that two District staff members have tested positive for coronavirus, COVID-19. Both are school-based staff members, assigned to two different schools.


    It is our understanding that neither staff member has been in their schools, or any other District building, since before Spring Break. We, therefore, hope the risk of any transmission is very low, however, it is important to communicate this information to all staff out of an abundance of caution.


    Privacy laws prevent us from sharing any additional information. Staff and families at each school have received a follow-up communication with additional information, including how the CDC will investigate โ€• they may contact the patients’ co-workers and students โ€• and, alternatively, how to contact the CDC with any pertinent information or questions.


    Thank you for your attention to this matter. Continue to follow the CDC guidelines and keep yourself safe.



    Dr. Kelvin R. Adams

    Superintendent of Schools
    Saint Louis Public Schools

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    I hope you and your families are doing well, staying safe, washing your hands and social distancing. Some important updates from the District related to COVID-19.


    STAY-AT-HOME ORDER / SCHOOL CLOSINGS: This past weekend, Mayor Lyda Krewson announced a mandatory, 30-day stay-at-home order aimed at preventing further spread of COVID-19. In light of this new restriction, all schools in the City of St. Louis have extended their closures through April 22, 2020. This decision will be continually re-evaluated in coordination with the Mayor’s Office and Dr. Fredrick Echols, the Director of the City’s Department of Health.


    MEALS FOR STUDENTS: The District, in partnership with the City and area charters, has developed a meal program ( for families. The City has assured us that we can continue to provide grab-and-go meals at 36 schools in the city. Breakfast and lunch are served Monday through Friday, 8am to noon. The website has a flyer you can download and share in eight languages. The sites are staffed by Southwest Foodservice Excellence.


    SUPPORT HOTLINE: The District has established a direct hotline for students and parents requiring social and emotional support. Please share this information with your families. The hotline can be accessed by calling 314-345-6900 or via email,


    SUPPORT SERVICES FOR STAFF: For social or emotional support, staff are encouraged to access the free, confidential Employee Assistance Program (EAP) through United HealthCare via phone, 1-800-622-7276, or online: Additionally, UHC provides 24/7 phone or video virtual visits with a doctor ($0 co-pay):


    ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: If you, or someone you know (including District families), needs services, such as help with utilities, an internet connection for online learning, assistance for seniors, mental health care or free food for pets, visit New information is being added all the time.


    INSTRUCTION: The Academic team has created enrichment packets to encourage continuous learning among students of all grade levels. These packets are available at meal distribution sites, and they are posted online at We are presently working to set up additional learning opportunities, likely via online platforms. We will have more for you on that this week.


    TEACHER WEB PAGES: One of the best ways to communicate with students and families is through teacher web pages.

    Thank you for your attention to these important messages. Please continue to monitor the District website for updates. We will keep you informed, as we learn more.


    Dr. Kelvin R. Adams
    Superintendent of Schools
    Saint Louis Public Schools

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  • cf

    To help ensure the health, safety and well-being of our students and staff—and to do our part in trying to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 throughout the St. Louis region—Saint Louis Public Schools will remain closed following spring break. This closure will tentatively end Friday, April 3rd.

     This difficult decision was made in full cooperation and partnership with St. Louis County, St. Louis Charter and St. Louis Parochial schools, all of which plan to follow the same schedule.


    Central Office will be open tomorrow, March 16th, and all Central Office staff (excluding those who are sick or on vacation) are asked to report to work.

     Thank you for your attention and your partnership. Please continue to monitor District email and

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  • Kierra Cotton of Gateway Stem celebrates after the Jaguars defeated Ursuline to win the Class 4 District 3 championship on Thursday, March 5, 2020 at St. Mary's High School in St. Louis.


    Read the story HERE!

    GO JAGS!!!!! 

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  • This Saturday, students from Gateway participated in the SLPS districtwide math competition. Our students put up a great showing, taking home 10 of the possible 15 trophies in our pool! Here are the students that participated:


    Pukar Basnet (1st Place)

    Sun Minsheng (2nd Place)

    Chibale Anwisye (3rd Place)

    Kamela Dervishaj (4th Place)



    Ethan Henning (1st Place)

    Obike Anwisye (2nd Place)



    Alexander Petronilo-Morales (1st Place PERFECT SCORE!!!!!)

    Terrance Snipes (2nd Place)

    Kiet Ly (3rd Place)


    Algebra 2:

    Timothy Schumaker (1st Place)

    Moses Thau Ceu (2nd Place)


    Algebra 1:

    Terrance Cannon (4th Place)


    A special shout out to our geometry students as they placed top 3 out of ALL participants and not just their pool. Thank you to Mr. Ceric for the contest pictures!


    When you see these students, make sure to ask them the most obscure math question you can google, just to see if they can do it.


    Have a great day!


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  • pp

    UMSL awarded student Hella Momand the OSP Scholarship from UMSL today. There were only 5 students awarded this scholarship. It pays for tuition, fees, books, and housing for all 4 years, equally $100,000!

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  • gh


    Please join us in celebrating student Sandrea Cogio who has accepted a full ride scholarship to SEMO for track.  Sandrea has been an excellent student here at Gateway as well.

     We wish her much success in her postsecondary pursuit! 


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  • Both our boys and girls basketball teams are playing for the district championships tonight at St. Mary’s!

    The District Girls Championship game between Gateway STEM & Ursuline Academy will be played @ St. Mary's @ 5:00pm. It will be video streamed with commentary and can be watched on your devices FREE.   It may be watched LIVE and/or LATER (on demand). Following is the link to view the game:  District Girls Championship Game

    The District Boys Championship game between Gateway STEM & St. Marys will be played @ St. Mary's @ 7:00pm. It will be video streamed with commentary and can be watched on your devices FREE.   It may be watched LIVE and/or LATER (on demand). Following is the link to view the game:  District Boys Championship Game


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  • What you need to know.....

    Download the form HERE!

    Helpful information from the CDC located HERE and HERE!



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  • Greetings,

    Are your juniors and seniors looking for something to do during spring break? Do they like the outdoors? If so, they may be interested in the MO Botanical Gardens Paid Spring Break Project. Please find details below and attached to share with students. There are still spots available!

    Application form HERE!!!


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  • gh

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  • Congrats to the AFJROTC Drill Team.  This past Saturday they competed in the SLPS Greater Metro Drill Meet and they placed:
    1st in Inspection 
    1st in Armed Regulation 
    1st in Unarmed Exhibition
    2d in Unarmed Regulation
    3rd in Color Guard
    1st Overall Team Commander is C/Lt Col Connie Davis
    If you want the names of the other commanders:
    Inspection C/MSgt Yanely Mendoza
    Unarmed Exhibition C/MSgt Ah'Mirah Spencer
    Armed Regulation C/CMSgt Evelin Huaroco
    Color Guard C/MSgt Perla Guardian
    Unarmed Regulation Team A C/Col Daniel Parker
    Unarmed Regulation Team B C/SSgt Ethan Henning
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  • fr

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  • Gateway Football players King Taylor signed a letter of intent today to further his football career at Missouri Baptist University.

    King Taylor

    He is receiving a football scholarship worth $20,000 and $10,000 more in aid and grants to attend Missouri Baptist.

    Congratulations Mr. Taylor!

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  • dr

    The Robotics Team is working our new game for 2020, Infinite Recharge.  It was released worldwide last Saturday, the 4th.    If you have a couple of minutes, here is a link to the game animation,

    2020 FIRST Robotics Competition INFINITE RECHARGE Game Animation

    Game includes shooting 7 inch balls (fuel) through low or high goals, rotating a 3 foot color wheel, and then for the end-game, hang with two alliance partners from a coat hanger like bar (generator switch).

     We’re focusing on these robot tasks: 

    ·         retrieve fuel off the floor,

    ·         score high goals

    ·         rotate the color wheel and be able to sense its four colors

    ·         reach up and grab the end-game bar and be able to adjust position while hanging to level the bar

    ·         maneuver with four new AndyMark swerve drive units


    We’re meeting every day after school and once or twice on weekends.  Stop by the ground floor between the elevators and take a look.  We have team members from Metro and McKinley as well as Gateway.  You can see most of the team in the attached photo during our Sunday lunch break.


    A major change in FIRST Robotics this year is the elimination of the six week stop build date.  Now we can work right up to competitions.  We’re registered for the St. Louis Regional at Chaifetz Arena right before Spring Break but on waiting lists for either Knoxville TN or Little Rock AR other weeks.  We hope to know soon.


    Gateway STEM High School FIRST Robotics Team 931 Perpetual Chaos

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  • “During the first quarter, the sophomores in my classes started a social justice unit focused on the damage that gun violence causes in St. Louis through a variety of social justice oriented texts.  As a culminating project for the unit, they wrote powerful political action letters that harnessed their experiences and knowledge of texts to solve problems in their communities to their congressional representative, Lacy Clay.  Congressman Lacy Clay responded to Brianna, Caleb, Jemeare, Keela, Kinnaudy, and Neah with the attached letter.  In January, Lacy Clay is scheduled to visit our school to have a conversations with Gateway writers!”


     Jason McCoy

    Wm. Lacy Clay's Letter to the Students

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  • sd

    The Gateway STEM JROTC/Autism Annual Christmas Party


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  • vf

    Educators Mr. Thomas Johnston & Ms. Jennifer Broach coordinate for: NIE:Newspapers in Education

    Newspapers in Education has a FREE e-edition that allows teachers, students and their families to access the entire Post-Dispatch paper every day at school or at home. Included in the e-edition subscription is access to our website which includes free teacher resources and lesson plans. Also, every teacher that signs up gets entered into our Educator Rewards and can win contests or awards such as school visits from your favorite St. Louis mascots, gift cards, tickets and more!

    Information to share with your colleagues:

    ·         Enter our contest for $250 worth of books for a teacher’s classroom library – it runs monthly.

    ·         Enter your favorite teacher for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Teacher of the Month every month until June! The Teacher of the Month is awarded $250.

    Social Media

    ·         Tag us in your post on Facebook: St. Louis Post-Dispatch NIE

    ·         Copy:

    o    You can wordsmith as you see fit but make sure you include something about $250 worth of free books

    ·         Please also include this link ๐Ÿ‘‰



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  • ft

    Saturday your Robotics Team were key volunteers for a Go-Baby-Go event customizing ride-in cars for kids with Spina Bifida.  Over the previous two months we worked in partnership with the Belleville Kiwanis Club to add a Go-Button on the steering wheel for kids who can’t use their legs or an enlarged foot pedal for those who.  We also added a parent master switch on the back and fitted the car under the guidance of BJC therapists.  

    The Robotics Team members in the picture from left to right are:  Daniel Newgent, Ethan Henning, Evan Holden, Nathan Morison, and Jevon Clark.  Also in photo are Tim Frazier and myself.  Student who helped plan and make car modification but couldn’t make it Saturday include Ayrton Ponce, Raneem Alhamed, and Asher Pruitt. 


    The smiling faces of KC, Faith, Cole and their families with their new BMW i8 Concept cars says it all.  It was fun watching them race around the cafeteria with a sense of freedom they hadn’t enjoyed before.



    Frank Dressel

    Gateway STEM High School Robotics Team

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  • mk

    Attention Parents and Students: 

    Gateway students now have the ability to access their information through our Student Portal option on Tyler 360.  

    Please follow the instructions on the document HERE and HERE! to assist in setting up.  Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school, or email Mr. Bova


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    Check out the up to date news reporting at Gateway STEM HS HERE!

    For a downloadable PDF go HERE!



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  • df

    Gateway STEM Jaguars Erion Jackson (23) gives the stiff arm to Soldan’s Javonta Robinson (6) during their game Saturday, Sept. 21, 2019 at Soldan. The Jaguars went on to defeat the Tigers of Soldan 38-12.

    Article HERE!

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  • After School Tutoring Schedule


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  • Robotics



    To parents and supporters of our Robotics Team,

     The Robotics Team Perpetual Chaos continues to meet Tuesdays at Gateway after school.  New members are welcome. 

     Last Saturday morning seven students and three parents helped with the Clean Streams effort on the River des Peres at Willmore Park.  This project was set up by Evan c/o 2021 from Metro.  In the attached photo you can see some of the bags of trash that our team collected.  Students from left to right are Serena H from Metro, Asher P, Alejandro E, Aiden H, Nathan M, Mason Q, and Ayrton P.  This three hour community service effort turned out to be a lot of fun on a beautiful day and we left a cleaner city and river.

     Saturday afternoon our FIRST Tech Challenge Team Spare Parts was at the World Wide Technology Indy car race in Madison, Illinois with other area teams demonstrating their robot for community outreach.  Students who volunteered there were Nathan M, Charlie B. Ethan H, Emma B, Obike A. Chibale A, and Faith B.

     A smaller group of students are meeting Thursdays after school starting next week providing technical assistance for a GoBabyGo event October 19th.  This effort will provide ride-in-cars tailored for five area children with Spina Bifida.  We’ll provide the car modification kits, instructions, and technical assistance the day of the event.



    Frank Dressel

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  • McCoy

    Teaching Moment: Mr. McCoy, 3rd Period American Literature

    "Today, we had a lot of fun in my 3rd period class talking about the American Literature curriculum.  Later in the year, we will be analyzing and acting out The Crucible by Arthur Miller: a chilling tale of groupthink and hysteria based on McCarthyism.  The parallels to current events will be interesting to discuss with my bright and dapper students."

                                                                                 - Jason McCoy: American Literature

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  • GTH

    2019-2020 Gateway STEM Uniform Schedule

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  • Due to construction on the buildings, please refer to these graphics for morning arrival and afternoon dismissal. 

    Please contact us if you have any questions.  

    Drop Off (AM)

    Dismissal (PM)

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  • Gateway STEM Social! 


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  • Best High Schools

    Gateway High is ranked 37th within Missouri. Students have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement® course work and exams. The AP® participation rate at Gateway High is 42 percent. Click the link below for more information:

    Best High Schools

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  • Highlights

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