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Board Approves Vaccine Mandate for All SLPS Employees


August 24, 2021
Board Approves Vaccine Mandate for All SLPS Employees  

 SvaccinationT. LOUIS – On Tuesday, the Board of Education of the City of St. Louis voted unanimously to adopt a mandatory vaccination policy.  A deadline of October 15th has been set for employees to demonstrate they have been fully vaccinated. The policy includes medical and religious exemptions for eligible employees.

“It is our belief that taking this additional precaution will help protect students in that our staff that is before them on a regular basis, our contractors and volunteers, have been vaccinated. We believe that is the best way to protect students,” Adams told board members.

The move comes in the wake of the announcement Monday that the Pfizer vaccine has been given full approval from the Food and Drug Administration.  Similar actions are expected soon for the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson versions of the shot.

Adams says that announcement from the federal government was a green light to move on the vaccination mandate.

“We were working feverishly to make sure every protection is there. This is a high bar.  Some districts are doing this, New York, Chicago as well, because they know the seriousness of not having students engaged in education opportunities.  We believe the vaccination policy will give kids and our families maximum assurance that we are doing everything in our power to protect our students.”

Adams told board members that the teacher’s union has also vocally supported the vaccine mandate, noting it will protect teachers as much as kids.

Board member Alisha Sonnier agreed, noting, “This is a serious situation right now. We are losing people in droves, especially in the city due to this pandemic, and we have to take this seriously.  And it’s not just about us as individuals but the people we are around.”

Click here to read the policy.

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