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Gifted education is an integral part of St. Louis Public School’s total education program. Gifted students are provided individualized lessons and challenging educational opportunities which enhance and extend the Missouri Learning Standards and Missouri Performance Goals. Students work on group and independent higher-level thinking activities and participate in STEM instruction, the engineering design process, problem-based learning and literacy units. Students are provided opportunities for complex, in-depth study designed to build thinking, research, communication, and technology skills. The curriculum provides a continuum of learning experiences to address the sequential and developmental needs of gifted students.

In class, learning is broken into two categories: literacy and STEM learning. With that said, the engineering design process is embedded into all aspects of our learning, including literacy units.

  • Literacy Education: Literacy is a process of expanding one's knowledge of reading and writing in order to develop one's thinking and learning for the purpose of understanding oneself and the world. This process is fundamental to achieving competence in every educational
  • STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math