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Animal Rescue Group Educates at Mann

An animal rescue organization educated students at Mann Elementary School on how to care for vulnerable animals. SNUGGLE, which stands for Special Needs Under Gentle Guided Love Everyday, specializes in helping cats and dogs that are too young to survive, have been injured or have special needs. Mann Elementary Principal Dr. Nicole Conaway is a longtime volunteer and foster parent for the organization. Her specialty is helping animals who have lost limbs.  
Representatives from SNUGGLE warned students that abuse toward animals is always unacceptable and should be reported to an adult immediately -- even if it is as seemingly small as pulling a wing from a fly. Behavior such as this tends to lead to more aggressive, violent behavior and can migrate from animals to children.
SNUGGLE brought newborn kittens -- including some that hadn't even opened their eyes yet! -- and one extremely friendly cat named Belgium who was recovering from a broken jaw. Belgium loved the attention and enjoyed meeting the students (and all the petting he received). For additional information about SNUGGLE and their rescue work, please visit and like them on Facebook at Snuggle Rescue Group.