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16th Annual Art Fair at the Zoo

Students from 13 different SLPS schools were recognized at the 16th annual Saint Louis Public Schools Art Fair at the Zoo. The event is made possible by the Saint Louis Zoo, the St. Louis Public Schools Foundation and Ken and Nancy Kranzberg. This year's theme was symbiosis, the relationship between two or more organisms that live closely together. 
Along with category winners, three special awards are given out each year. This year's recipients are:
  • Zoo President's Award (Grades 9-12): Stefany Galvez, 11th Grade, Cleveland NJROTC
  • Superintendent's Award (Grades 6-8): Thien Huynh, 8th Grade, Long Middle
  • SLPS Foundation Award (Grades PK-5): Janya Clark, 3rd Grade, Kennard CJA 
The category winners are:
 Drawing PK-5, 1st Place  Abbey Courtney     1  Adams
 Drawing PK-5, 2nd Place  Serena Bannish-Tramble  4  Kennard
 Drawing PK-5, 3rd Place  Dylan Nguyen  4  Oak Hill
 Painting PK-5, 1st Place  Louisa Sullivan  2  Kennard
 Painting PK-5, 2nd Place  Caroline Wang  4  Kennard
 Painting PK-5, 3rd Place  Marissa Morton  4  Adams
 Mixed Media PK-5, 1st Place  Aryaman Singh  4  Kennard
 Mixed Media PK-5, 2nd Place  Anthony Brown  1  Columbia
 Mixed Media PK-5, 3rd Place  Janya Clark  3  Kennard
 Drawing 6-8, 1st Place  Cinthia Alvarado  8  NCNAA
 Drawing 6-8, 2nd Place  David Murphy  6  Ashland
 Drawing 6-8, 3rd Place  Rebecca Bakole  8  NCNAA
 Painting 6-8, 1st Place  Ella Faw  6  McKinley
 Painting 6-8, 2nd Place  Angela Small  8  McKinley
 Mixed Media 6-8, 1st Place  Thien Huynh  8  Long
 Mixed Media 6-8, 2nd Place  Jairo Hernandez  7  NCNAA
 Drawing 9-12, 1st Place  Stefany Galvez  11  Cleveland
 Drawing 9-12, 2nd Place  Kainat Niazi  12  CSMB
 Drawing 9-12, 3rd Place  Jasmine Silva  9  Gateway STEM
 Painting 9-12, 1st Place  Patricia Belk  11  CVPA
 Painting 9-12, 2nd Place Madhan Magar 9 Gateway STEM
 Painting 9-12, 3rd Place Christal Scott-Johnson 10 McKinley
 Mixed Media 9-12, 1st Place Saeeda Sherzad 9  NCNAA
 Mixed Media 9-12, 2nd Place Jacob Chako 9 NCNAA
 Ceramics/3D Design 9-12, 1st Place Justiss Perry 10 Roosevelt
 Ceramics/3D Design 9-12, 2nd Place Lily Jensen 12 McKinley
 Photography 9-12, 1st Place Donnette Hood 11 Roosevelt
 Photography 9-12, 2nd Place Arnando Story 12 Roosevelt