National Mytholgy Exam

In March, Scholars XL students took part in the Pegasus National Mythology Exam. Students worked hard studying Greek and Roman Mythology.

The Pegasus National Mythology Exam is open to 3rd through 8th grade students and is given annually to over 6000 students in over 300 schools nationally and internationally. The exam is sponsored through Excellence Through Classics and consists of 30 General Roman and Greek Mythology myth questions for Grades 3-8, and 10 additional thematic questions for Graded 5-8.

All students in the class received certificates for their hard work, and 10 of the students received special recognition, ribbons and medals for scoring high on the exam. Gold Medal: Wren Woods; Silver Medals: Charlotte Schmittgens, Sophia Schmittgens, Bailey Vasser; Bronze Medals: Cameron Thomas, Ella Alexander, Braxton Bond; Cum Laude: Charlie Lennox, London Thompson, Hayden KoeltzowRoom 201 ytholgy Exam ParticipantsMytholgy Exam WInners