McKinley High School Admissions Requirements

McKinley High School Admissions Information

McKinley Classical Leadership Academy-              2156 Russell 63104  

Office: 314-773-0027   Fax: 314-244-1833 

Contacts: Dr. Kaylan Holloway-Principal               Dr. Julie Metzger-Asst. Principal         

Email to:                              


  • Completed Magnet Application with McKinley selected as First or Second Choice 

Eighth Grade McKinley CJA Middle students must apply for the McKinley high school program and meet all requirements listed. 

  • Copy of 6th, 7th and current 8th grade report cards. 
  • MINIMUM Acceptable Grade in all core classes (Math, English, Science, Social Studies) is a C, A and B grades preferred.  With a C grade, student must be proficient or advanced in Communications Arts and Mathematics MAP Scores, or 50th percentile or higher on national normed standardized achievement test. 
  • No out of school or in school suspensions one year prior to admission. In school suspensions may be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  
  • 90% or higher attendance rate in the year prior to applying to McKinley. 
  • Applicants must score at or above the 50th percentile level on a standardized test, and in all sub-areas of the test. 
  • One teacher and one administrator letter of recommendation. McKinley 8th graders only need to submit one teacher recommendation. 
  • Administrative Admissions Interview for students which includes a writing prompt essay portion.