Math Tutoring Now Available, beginning November 6.

Free Math Tutoring Available, beginning November 6

Study hall and math help will be provided by Mr. Klocke (Room 243). Students may bring anything that they would like to work on. A quiet setting will be provided for students to work, and they will also have the chance for individual math help.


Students Must Sign Up To Particpate:


Study Hall Procedures:

Before Study Hall:

Before attending any Study Hall session students must complete the form.
Students will meet in the auditorium AFTER car riders/activities have been dismissed from class. Students should not come directly to room 243.
Students not in the auditorium by 2:10 will not be permitted to attend Study Hall.


During Study Hall:

Students will work on any assignment or activity.
Students will keep talking to a minimum and at a low volume.
Individual help will be provided at the students’ request.


Attendance and dismissal:

               Students must remain in the classroom until they are released. Bathroom breaks                   are the only exception.

               Students may leave/be picked up any time, but they will not be allowed to return.

Students that stay for study hall must immediately leave the building once released to go home.
Study Hall is not a place for students to hang out and wait for other after school activities.
Students must be picked up by 5pm. Any student not picked up by 5pm more than once will not be permitted into study hall. 
Attending Study Hall is a privilege if a student is not productive or fails to follow procedures they will not be permitted to attend.