New policy: No Cell Phone Bell-to-Bell

New policy: No Cell Phone Bell-to-Bell

McKinley has instituted a new No Cell Phone Bell-to-Bell Policy.  This policy will go into effect on February 26, 2024.

McKinley Classical (Middle and High School) Leadership Academy

No Phone Policy: Bell-to-Bell

POLICY EFFECTIVE DATE: February 26, 2024

Policy Statement:

At McKinley Classical (Junior) Leadership Academy, we recognize the importance of maintaining an environment conducive to learning, focused on academic growth, and fostering interpersonal skills. In alignment with these principles, the school institutes a no-phone policy from bell-to-bell during school hours. This policy aims to minimize distractions, enhance student engagement, and promote a culture of attentiveness and respect within the learning environment.

Policy Guidelines:

  1. Prohibition of Phone Usage:
    • Students are prohibited from using mobile phones during class time, from the moment the bell rings to begin class until the bell rings to dismiss class.
    • The use of phones for any purpose, including texting, calling, social media, gaming, or internet browsing, is strictly prohibited during instructional time (including restroom breaks during class).  Students may use their phone during passing periods, lunch, and with teacher permission.  Students should be mindful that on-time attendance to class and late arrival will result in a tardy mark to classes.
  1. Consequences for Violation:
    • First and Second Instances: Upon the first instance of phone usage during prohibited hours, the student will receive a verbal warning from their teacher.  A second instance will result in a parent contact via email and/or phone.
    • Third Instance: The student will be assigned a lunch detention to be served within three days of the violation. During this detention, the student will reflect on the importance of adhering to the school's policies and guidelines (the student is required to eat their lunch in the detention room).  The teacher will email the parent notice of the lunch detention.
    • Fourth Instance: The child will be referred to an administrator, their phone will be confiscated, and the parent/guardian will be required to come to the school to retrieve the student's phone.

Policy Implementation:

  • Classroom teachers and school staff will actively monitor students to ensure compliance with the no-phone policy, through aggressive monitoring of student engagement.
  • Any observed instances of phone usage during prohibited hours will be documented promptly, and consequences will be applied consistently in accordance with the outlined guidelines.
  • The teacher will maintain communication with parents/guardians regarding their child's adherence to the policy and any consequent disciplinary actions.  On the fourth incident, the school administration will communicate with the parent.


The no-phone policy at McKinley Classic (Junior) Leadership Academy is essential for fostering an environment where students can thrive academically and develop essential interpersonal skills. Through the consistent implementation of this policy and the associated consequences for violations, we aim to uphold the highest standards of conduct and respect within our school community.