Dr. Millicent Borishade

Dr. Millicent Borishade began her career in education as a kindergarten teacher in Blue Island, Illinois.  She’s taught every level, which includes graduate-level courses and college behind bars. Dr. Borishade's theory of action captures her clear commitment to building on the instructional staff's strengths to improve scholars' learning.  Millicent is a warm demander of equity and excellence.  She further believes that parents, teachers, principals and community partners can inspire a desire for learning and influence the trajectory of a child. 


While serving as a school improvement officer for 14 elementary schools in Washington, Dr. Borishade supervised and supported seven schools recognized by the State of Washington for improving student achievement in various areas (ELL, Math, ELA, and innovation).


Dr. Borishade’s educational philosophy centers on the notion that all students are capable of learning; therefore, “If students do not learn the way we teach, we must teach the way they learn and educate them as though it is impossible to fail.”  Most recently, she served in the role of chief academic (officer) and continues to serve as an adjunct professor at Seattle University, where she teaches aspiring principals.  Dr. Borishade looks forward to supporting and manifesting the vision of Dr. Keisha Scarlett by listening, learning and collaborating with the staff in St. Louis Public Schools as the Chief of Schools.


In her role as Deputy Superintendent, Dr. Borishade will focus on providing resources and experiences that will create successful outcomes for students and their families in St. Louis Public Schools.


She has two professional accomplishments of which she is most proud. As a principal, Dr. Borishade’s school was recognized by the Illinois State Board of Education as a Spotlight School for improving student achievement. Subsequently, when she served as a school improvement officer in Washington, she expanded the Parent Academy for Student Achievement (PASA) program, which helped parents new to the country and district, navigate the educational system and positively change the trajectory for families and scholars she worked with. Later, Dr. Borishade took a delegate from the district, which included parents, principals, and community-based organizations, to Harvard University for a Family and Community Engagement Institute. 


Dr. Borishade is also the proud mother of Dr. Alexis Howell, who has earned her Master’s in Journalism from Michigan State University and a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership from City University of Seattle.  For recreation, Millicent enjoys parasailing, traveling internationally, rowing, playing softball and volleyball.





Celeste Metcalf is the Director of Internal Audit. Metcalf oversees monitoring efficiency and promoting effectiveness, throughout all of St. Louis Public School’s operational affairs, with the objective of measuring progress toward the achievement of stated District goals and objectives. Metcalf has worked for a wide spectrum of for-profit, not-for-profit, private industry and government entities, from Fortune 100 companies like Disney, Sony, Warner Brothers and Fox, to smaller individually owned entrepreneurs and mom-and-pop shops. Every business entity, no matter how large or small, has the same needs: a reliable financial infrastructure that enables accurate, timely and consistent reporting on the results of operational activities. Metcalf’s breadth, wealth, and variety of experiences, combined with a solid academic foundation, have enabled the delivery of sound feedback and advice on the establishment of financial processes, procedures and systems that have produced the data necessary for effective decision-making. As an example, during the Obama Administration, Metcalf was appointed by then Governor Jay Nixon to be the Stimulus Compliance Officer for the State of Missouri. In this capacity, Metcalf was responsible for the successful design, creation and implementation of a financial reporting structure that enabled the State to effectively track and report on over $8 Billion of Stimulus dollars awarded to over 435 grantees through 16 Missouri State Agencies. Metcalf, who earned an undergraduate degree from George Mason University, a graduate degree from Washington University and a certificate in Supply Chain Management from St. Louis University, is a business/accounting major holding the designations of CPA/MBA.