A+ Schools Program Overview

Posted by Sharrye Henderson on 8/15/2016


Qualified students who graduate with an A+ scholarship will receive tuition and fees for two years, subject to lesgislative appropriation, to attend any public Missouri community college, vocational school, or technical school.  Many Missouri four year institutions are offering scholarships for the students who qualify for A+ funds.  See the financial aid office at the institution for more information or see the attached list of updated scholarhip offerings.  Tuition incentives are available after the student has made a documented effort to secure all available financial assistance that do not require payment.  Students must maintain a 2.5 gpa to continue to receive the award and be enrolled full time.  
Student eligibilty for A+ are as follows:
  • Sign an A+ agreement and have attended an A+ school for 3 consecutive years
  • Graduate with a 2.5 cumulative gpa or higher
  • Have at least 95% attendance for four years
  • Perform 50 hours of unpaid tutoring or mentoring of younger students or the same age group
  • Maintain a record of good citizenship 
  • Make a good faith effort to secure all available federal financial aid that don't require repayment through FAFSA
  • Register for selective service (if male)
  • All required documentation must be submitted to the A+ Coordinator by May 1st of the student's senior year

If interested in applying for the A+ scholarship, you may complete an attached application at any time and return it to your school's A+ Coordinator.  Tutoring and mentoring hours are highly encouraged to be completed by your junior year of high school. 
Clyde C. Miller A+ Coordinator: Sharrye Henderson