Parents Right to Know

No Child Left behind (NCLB) requires notification to parents/guardians when any of the following situations exit in a district/local educational agency receiving Federal funds.

1.     Districts/LEAs must annually disseminate Federal Programs Complaint Resolution Procedures to parents/guardians of students and appropriate private school officials or representatives.


2.     At the beginning of each school year, a participating school district/LEA must notify the parents/guardians of each student attending a building that receives Title I funds that they may request, and the district/LEA will provide in a timely manner, information regarding the professional qualifications of their child’s classroom teachers and any paraprofessionals providing services to their child.


3.     A building that receives Title I funds must provide all parent/guardians notice that their child has been assigned, or has been taught for four or more consecutive weeks, by a teacher or a person who is not appropriately certified.


4.     When a school is identified for School Improvement, the district/LEA must notify the parents/guardians of all children in the identified Title I building of its School Improvement status. Yearly updates are provided to parents with available options until the building is no longer identified for improvement.


5.     Within thirty days after the beginning of the school year, a district/LEA must inform parents/guardians that their limited English proficient (LEP) child has been identified for participation in a language instruction educational program.


6.     Parent/guardians of students enrolled in a persistently dangerous school, or students who are victims of violent criminal offense while on school property, must be notified of their option to transfer their student to a school that is not designated persistently dangerous.


Missouri Consolidated Federal Programs Administrative Manual, January 2005


Inquiries related to Department programs and to the location of services, activities, and facilities that are accessible by person with disabilities may be directed to the Jefferson State Office Building, Civil Rights Compliance (Title VI/Title IX/504/ADA/Age Act), 5th Flr., 205 Jefferson Street, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0480; (573) 526-4757 or Relay Missouri 800.735.2966.