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Posted by Jason Kesselring on 8/16/2022 3:00:00 AM

6th Period & 8th Period ("B" Days)

Welcome to my AP Chemistry Page!!

The links to the Microsoft Teams for the two classes are listed here. For  6th Period, click here to get to your materials. For those of you in the 8th Period class, click here to access your team.

This is a rigorous class. There is a "science as concept" portion. Then there's a "combining math with science" element to it. I see it as, "there's something for everyone!"

This is a great class because quite literally, the concepts we use on Day 1, we will use on the Last Day. We never really drop an idea. The understanding comes in layers. It's also a great model for how you can attack your own education in life beyond high school.

There will be an "applied chemistry" portion to each unit. I will introduce this to the students on the opening day of the unit - we will build to the students solving or explaining significant problems, and the reasoning is rooted in what we cover in this class!

Please, take a good look at the syllabus. I provide a lot of materials to help you have success. I also try to make this interesting and enjoyable. With some hard work and a few good laughs, I truly believe that any student can master all the "ins and outs" of this wonderful class! And you will have a helping hand!

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